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Gemological Info
We believe in consumer education for a more confident and enjoyable gem buying experience. Find below links to know more about the different types of colored gemstones, and how gemstones are classified and valued in today's market.

Clarity: IF, Loupe clean (no visible inclusions under 10X loupe), VVS1-2, eye flawless (hardly any visible inclusions under 10X loupe), VS1-2, eye flawless (minute visible inclusions under 10X loupe),  SI1, v.slightly included  (a very low degree of inclusions are barely visible to the naked eye, however not distracting and no detracting from the overall beauty of the gem). 

Color: Described as light, medium, medium-dark, and dark along with primary colors and undertone colors.

Cut: Described as excellent, very good and good. Poor cuts that are too off, or too windowed will not find a home with us.

Enhancements: Gemstone enhancement processes have been used for hundreds of years. In the recent years, the industry is now educating consumers on these issues. The most common practice is the heat treatment of gemstones to help improve upon the color and clarity. This is usually done at the source of the gemstone material and it is a permanent and stable process.
Example: most citrine quartz is amethyst that has been heated.
As per our knowledge, we will disclose possible enhancements.

(N)-None: No treatment
(H)-Heat: To improve upon color/clarity
(O)-Oiling: To improve upon clarity


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