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About Jasna Gems Co.

The Planetary Gems Company, Inc.-Jasna Gems Co. was founded in 1993 by Rodolfo Ciscato and his wife Sofija Jasna.
Before coming to USA in 1991, Rudy worked as gem buyer and jewelry designer for "Preziosi" in Verona, Italy.   He has an organic-chemistry and a gemological degree (Graduate Gemologist.) from Italy. In USA he graduated in BA in Management from Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA. 
Sofija has a BA in management and a computer degree from Buena Vista University, IA.  
have been living in Fairfield, Iowa for the past 22 years, but they spend their time in between Fairfield and Chicago.

They are among the founding members of the Planetary Gemologist Association, with its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Its mission.

Rodolfo & Sofija travel directly to the Far East (Thailand and Sri Lanka) and South America (Colombia) twice a year in search of untreated gemstonesAfter many years of traveling to the source, knowing the most honest and ethical miners & first hand dealers, they meticulously select untreated, clean and well cut, tangibly beautiful to the eye and vibrant to the spirit, natural gems.... priced at or below US wholesale.

Its Premises

Jasna Gems Co.'s goal is to keep all customers satisfied and content. It thrives to offer you the best natural gemstones in terms of higher quality and price.  Being exclusively in the colored stones business for 20 years, having achieved the competence necessary to get the material they want, Rodolfo & Sofija deal directly with small miners/cutters and 1st hand dealers in Sri Lanka, Colombia, Thailand, Zambia, China, Australia, and Italy.
also display, grade and describe their products with utmost fairness and honesty. The pictures, taken under 30X magnification, show in great details the internal clarity, cutting, and exact color of each gem and piece of jewelry they display. This is very important, as usually, a very slight variation of color/clarity and cutting proportions can increase or decrease the price considerably. Here, you can see the stones you are getting at their finest details, unlike anywhere else.

If you want to contact them directly with any question, call or fax      1-641-469-3672 from USA,       international 001-641-469-3672  



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